JKLF News Service, Srinagar, 28 May , 1999

A Kashmiri guerrilla group , Tehrik-ALmujahideen, which is thought to be occupy positions in Kargil, has claimed that it shot down a third Indian gunship helicopter today. India confirmed that MI-17 helicopter was missing and blamed it on Pakistan but Pakistan has denied any knowledge. Pakistan has lodged a formal protest against Indian air strikes in Kashmir with the United Nations Military Observers’ Group for India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP), alleging that the Indian forces used weapons "akin to nerve gas bombs" in Kargil against Kashmiri guerillas. Chief of the UN Military Observer (UNMOGIP) in the area has said that Kargil case has the probabilities of flaring up into a bigger conflict. His request to visit Kargil for an 'on the spot assessment of the situation', was turned down by the Indian Army again this morning. Gen Bali said a UNMOGIP field station at Kargil would have been of great help in such situations but it was closed down due to security reasons some years ago. He said that his mission is facing "restrictions" and is not permitted to visit the LoC on Indian-held side unlike the other side where access and co-operation is provided.

Meanwhile the All Party Hurriyat Conference which includes JKLF has called for a one-day strike on Friday in occupied Kashmir to protest against air strikes in Kargil by Indian airforce. The APHC leaders have appealed to the international community to intervene and help stop the latest Indian agression escalating into a war between Indian and Pakistan.
Kashmiri fighters have been reinforced with hundreds of more guerillas engaged in battle with Indian troops in the area, "Our men are equipped with sophisticated weapons and are fully capable to meet any eventuality," the spokesman claimed. He categorically denied the Indian claim of killing 21 militants during clashes. He also contradicted the allegations that the Taliban were fighting alongside the Kashmiri militants and said "India was trying to discredit the Kashmiris just struggle as the western world was averse to the Taliban. Lashkar-e-Tayyeba, Al-Badar Mujahideen and Harkat-ul-Mujahideen have also claimed to have sent more fighters to the hot spot. The Talaban of Afghanistan have denied any involvement in Kashmir.
Meanwhile a hideout was today smashed by Indian security forces at Guddi in Doda. Many residential houses were set on fire troops. the district. Another two explosions rocked Surankote where a photographer’s shop destroyed the other in Lassana explosion failed to detonate.