by Majid A Siraj

ISBN: 1 86106 325 3 Price:6.99 pp:207 Published: 22 June 1997.

Published by: MINERVA PRESS (Montreux, Kiev, London, Los Angeles, Sydney)

This timely, ambitious book, which challenges present and past political intentions, aims, and attitudes of Great Britain, India and Pakistan towards Kashmir, a country much maligned and dear to the author's heart. Exposing the scandalous brutality of past puppet regimes and despots in this natural paradise, the author exposes a present day tragedy in the making. This timely contribution demonstrates that the balance of power in Kashmir today will affect the fate of not only itself, but very likely the subcontinent at large, and may well have an even wider impact.

No reader will be able to ignore the depth of human suffering at the individual and family level, nor the injustice on a vast scale, that this book describes. Its publication will draw necessary attention to a dismal episode in the aftermath of the demise of an empire. Hopefully, wider dissemination of knowledge and the stimulus to debate the issues, dispersing ignorance, dispelling indifference, will lead to the removal of the causes of suffering and the eradication of its dire effects.

The author can be contacted by email at siraj@kashmir.demon.co.uk

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