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All Party Hurriyet (Freedom) Conference - the main pro-Freedom organisation in Jammu & Kashmir. The oppressive restrictions placed on the APHC mean that Internet services have been withdrawn by Indian authorities.
KAC NChang9999@aol.com Kashmir American Council - group based in the USA campaigning for Kashmir
KCC kcc@kashmiri-cc.ca Kashmir Canadian Council - group based in Canada campaigning for Kashmir
KCHR siraj@kashmir.demon.co.uk Kashmir Council for Human Rights - group based in the UK
WKFM 101546.1651@CompuServe.com World Kashmir Freedom Movement - political group based in the UK, headed by Dr Ayub Thakur
  srinagar@srinagar.demon.co.uk Kashmir Forum - human Rights group based in the UK
JKLF jklf@isb.comsats.net.pk Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front(A) - pro-Independence (Amanullah Group)
JKLF jklf-uk-europe@geocities.com Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front(Y) - pro-Independence (Yasin Malik) group
KASHNET majordomo@indra.com Moderated discussion forum. To join: send Subscribe Kashnet in body of message
FOZIA fsqazi@smcm.edu Web site on Kashmir by Fozia Qazi. Contains some interesting paintings and photos
NEWSGROUP Newsgroup on Kashmir. Other news groups (Pakistan Newsgroup and Indian Newsgroup) also discuss Kashmir matters
siraj@Intellistor.com Ajaz Siraj - moderator of Kashnet
101546.1651@CompuServe.com Dr Ayub Thakur - World Kashmir Freedom Movement
azmat@jklf.com Azmat A Khan - Secretary General, Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (Y), UK/Europe
100543.3346@CompuServe.com Abrar Siraj
srinagar@srinagar.demon.co.uk Bashir Siraj - Kashmir Forum
Desolation or Peace siraj@kashmir.demon.co.uk Dr Majid Siraj - Kashmir Council for Human Rights
NChang9999@aol.com Dr G N Fai - Kashmir American Council
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