Indian Elections in Jammu & Kashmir 1999

Kashmiris boycott polls
Illegal arrest of Kashmiri leaders
Kashmiri Pandits boycott elections
Assassination attempts on K leaders

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"We took the decision yesterday. I will make you come out of your homes and vote. Don't think I will let you get away this time." - Indian puppet, Farooq Abdullah.

They waited but no one came to vote - The Indian Express (Delhi), September 10, 1999.

"Use the armed forces and drag the people out of their homes and vote at gunpoint" - Indian pupperty Farooq Abdullah.

The slaughter of democracy: How the army forced people to vote in Kashmir - by Chindu Sreedharan Rediff on the net.
"This is not an incident that I will forget in a hurry. We hear more complaints, witness more incidents. And finally stumble on the mother of it all in Natnussa -- sheep being led to the slaughter of democracy."

"Today's poll boycott should be an eye-opener for Indian rulers and they should learn a lesson from today's experience as people have again reposed faith in APHC and boycotted the poll. The election drama has proved a farce and government should read the writing on the wall and accept our right of self determination", Hurriet chairman. - 

"I started my journey from United Nation's office at Sonawar and concluded it at the Institute  of Medical Sciences, Soura. All along the way, I only saw security forces, not a single voter, in front of polling booths. On the way, at Madina chowk, at 8:15 a.m, I observed that no voters were coming to the booth. Then, I toured Maisuma, Saria Bala, Habba Kadal and Chotta Bazar areas. Only a few voters, about 20, were seen around the booth at Chota Bazaar. I did not see anybody interested in casting his vote in these areas." - Ram Rattan Chaterjee.

When people in the Kashmir Valley voted last Sunday, about one in five
polling booths recorded a zero voter turnout - CHRISTOPHER KREMMER, Herald.

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